Perfect synergy of business and technology

At Rex BG we combine the latest knowledge, innovative tools and rich capital

We are an IT and consulting company whose main goal is to combine business with technology. We carry out complex projects in various sectors, from industry and real estate, through banking, accounting and social networking.

We specialise in innovative projects, requiring creativity and unconventional thinking. The more complex the idea, the more interesting for our Team.

We give our customers comfort in running their business – they can do what they do best, and we take care of the rest.

Our philosophy is well reflected in John F. Kennedy’s words: “We do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”.

At Rexbg, we combine knowledge, technology and capital. If you have at least one of these, or if you want to acquire one of them, we invite you to cooperate with us.


We know how to find and collect the information needed to identify investment opportunities.

We have the competence supported by experience to prepare market, political and social reports.

We are active in identifying and monitoring effects that may have great potential for development for our customers in the future.

We are ahead of trends, and we take advantage of opportunities, because we know that this can lead to a competitive advantage, and thus to success.


At Rexbg, we are always looking for the optimal way to implement business concepts. We listen to the customer’s needs at every stage of the project. In this way, we create carefully-selected bespoke IT systems, which are developed thanks to the experience and knowledge of our team. 


We help to implement business concepts by providing support in obtaining financing. We support investors with professional advice, so that their capital can be placed in such a way that their holdings increase.

We connect people and entities with capital with those who have a good business idea. Such activities are preceded by a thorough analysis of the success potential of a given business concept.

The most important capital in our company is its people. Their expert knowledge, as well as high communication skills, allow them to carry out projects effectively and avoid or minimise many problems that result from difficulties in understanding the customer’s needs as well as the tasks of individual team members.

Robert Gondek

Chief Business Advisor of Rexbg. For over 30 years of professional work, he has been implementing and integrating IT systems dedicated to science, industry and business.  His many years of experience, and the multitude of completed projects, allows him to provide support in the event of business problems, as well as the optimal selection of tools for newly-created, developed and improved IT systems.

Tomasz Kulesza

Coder, Senior Developer with more than 7 years of experience, who at Rexbg is Technical Coordinator. In his professional career, he has participated in the creation of many interesting IT projects, including: the “Uber” project in Poland, project management systems, CRM, and service systems. A programming enthusiast who is still developing his skills. His competencies allow him to successfully decipher even very complex business issues and transfer them to the source code.

Jakub Soliwoda

Business Analyst. He has high communication skills and extensive knowledge, which allows him to understand business processes perfectly. He has the ability to translate assumptions about an idea into technology, therefore he acts as an intermediary in communication between the customer and the team. It is thanks to his actions that the Development Teams know what to do to create a product in accordance with the assumptions of the project. His long experience has been appreciated by tens of customers from Poland and abroad (USA, UK, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic). Participant in various projects, including eCommerce. He is a member of Software House in Poland. He has extensive contacts that ensure the availability of resources to implement even the most complex projects using the appropriate technology.

Łukasz Śliwa

a man with a head full of ideas. He is perfectly at home in our structures as a Business Visionary, where he deals with finding customised projects as well as skilful interpretation of business needs. He has extensive international contacts, which he is constantly expanding by actively participating in conferences and other events that combine technology with business. He is the founder of the Rex Business Group and the Rex Support Group Foundation, where he also successfully puts his ideas into practice.

Wiktor Wróbel

has extensive knowledge of project management. The competencies acquired during the completed AGILE PM and PRINCE2 Foundation training courses allow him to successfully select the right project management methodology for a given situation and coordinate the implementation of the adopted plan on time, according to the customer’s expectations. He has been working as a Project Manager for more than 4 years, supporting customers in developing their target product concept. He has participated in large projects, including: the merger of Deutsche Bank with Santander Bank Polska on the migration of investment product tools. He coordinated the preparation of data for the MIFID regulatory project and the sending of a report to 200,000 clients on the costs incurred for investment products. In his extensive portfolio, the implementation and integration of ERP systems such as Impuls BPSC and Softlab occupy a special place.

The choice of the method of operation depends on the type of project. The first meetings with the customer allow us to get to know his expectations and propose an optimal method to effectively strive for success. The suggested working methodology is presented to the customer for approval, and then we start to act. Due to the specific nature of our business, we mainly use the Agile Project Management methodology.

Why? Because difficult, innovative projects require an unconventional approach to achieving the goal, and we can do this with Agile.

We use the waterfall approach when we are able to predict how the individual stages of the project should look, and we know in advance what a given product is to look like, e.g.: in ERP system implementations, PRINCE 2 works very well.

The Agile approach is an excellent choice in uncertain conditions, when creating innovative products. Using this method, we are moving away from long-term planning in favour of iteration – short-term plans of 1-4 weeks. Each of them ends with a given result, which becomes a starting point for the next iteration. Dividing the project into short plans allows for greater flexibility in making modifications when customer and market requirements change. In the agile methodology, the final product is created incrementally, we gain feedback after each short-term plan, thanks to which the customer has a sense of greater control over the project, and we are confident that we are going in the right direction. Moreover, we are able to introduce changes and redefine priorities even at a late stage of the project – all to make the created product as competitive as possible.


we offer advice on the selection and implementation of solutions and IT systems. Thanks to the skills of our team, we are able to help you acquire the necessary information and carry out in-depth analysis for your project needs. As an external company, we can also supervise all the processes needed to get the company out of a crisis or to develop the company.

Dedicated IT solutions

we offer bespoke solutions for every industry. The more complex the project, the more attractive it is to us. We go beyond the restrictions of specialisation in one sector only. This allows us to take a fresh look at a given project and work constructively with the customer to create a competitive, innovative product using agile methodology.

We are using a comprehensive approach. We specialise in establishing profitable businesses. We are not only a supplier of dedicated software, but we support the entire product cycle. We precede such actions with a thorough analysis of the idea, which allows us to assess the validity of its implementation. After positive verification, we actively look for funding to be able to start the project work. We are not only able to realise and implement a given idea, but also look after its promotion and further evaluation.

Quality assurance

During the term of the implementation contract, as well as 2 years after the completion of work agreed upon in the contract, we give our customers a feeling of security – a guarantee that the functionalities of the software covered by the contract will operate in accordance with the arrangements made in the implementation contract. In case of a defect, i.e. behaviour of the system contrary to the specification included in the appendix of the implementation contract, the customer can expect correction of the resulting error. Warranty does not cover defects resulting from interference by third parties in the portal source code.

For partners who wish to continue cooperation after 2 years from the end of the project, we offer a guarantee package under which we carry out development and optimisation activities, as well as possible repair work in the event of defects, i.e. system behaviour not in accordance with the specification included in the appendix to the implementation contract.

Socially responsible

We are aware of the fact that there are many groups on the market that need support in achieving their goals. To this end, we have set up the Rexsg Foundation, where, as a socially responsible institution, we support the originators of start-ups and beginners. We conduct educational activities, in particular training in business development. We integrate Polish and foreign artists and young entrepreneurs with potential investors in a given industry.